Week 10: First transfer down!!


This week starts the last week of my first transfer, crazy! I’ll find out on Friday if Im getting transferred or not, but I prob wont be! I hope not. I am finally accustomed to everything here and know people, and know my way around. It would kinda be a bummer if I had to start over in a new area already! But we shall see.
This week was pretty good! SUPER hot, but whats new? haha

We marked a bunch of baptisms, but as you can tell from my past letters, that doesnt always work out the way we want it to haha but we have some really cool investigators!

My portuguese is improving a lot; I can almost understand everything to the point where I at least know the subject of what people are talking about haha. But I still have a long way to go with that! Its so crazy- I totally forget words in English and things about America!! The girls ask me about movies, celebrities, or songs that I totally used to know, and now I have no idea. Kennedy or someone – a few yrs ago there was this really popular thing where people all dance to this one song and wear crazy outfits and its a music video. idk!! If you could tell me what song it was that would be great! The girls ask me every day and I cant remember it. Maybe you have no idea what im talking about haha.

We had divisions Fri and Sat, but it was different! The girls came to our area and stayed at our place. I think I liked it better than I would have the other way! So we were in trios which was interesting. But Sister M Lima is so cool! She’s from Fortaleza and is super nice! I learned a lot from her, teaching wise. She is a super good missionary! It was fun!

So I always like to include at least one funny story- crazy weird things happen all day but Ill read you them from my journal one day! Dont have time to write tons!

In general, people in Brazil are crazy!! For real. We go into a house to teach people, and they all of a sudden won’t talk! They just stand there silently staring at us; were not sure what is going on!! It seems like every time we enter there is a bad feeling, but once we start teaching it goes away and they becomes normal! One investigator wouldnt hug us or anything and was PARANOID that we are working for the governement and have cameras and voice recordings on our clothes!! And she refused to turn on the lights, so we sit there in darkness!! It’s never boring, that’s for sure!

We have a cool investigator that has been taught by the missionaries for many years, but can never be baptized because hes an alcoholic. Its super sad! He knows its true, but just cant stop drinking, all day everyday. So we made a goal with him that he will stop starting today, and I told him were going to go to his house every day to check in and see if he’s been drinking and he said okay! He has a baptism date for 2 weeks, and he needs to not drink for 1 week before the baptism! Its super sad. His wife has no faith in him and says hes never going to stop. But I believe in miracles! So we will see. You guys can pray for him! He is really nice!

So SHOUTOUT to Alicia, I got your package and it was BOMB!

For packages, I think the best way to send is either in a padded envelope or a flat rate box. It goes faster and doesnt get held up at the post ofice in Recife. But no one needs to send me packages!!! I can basically buy everything I need here, besides deoderant hahah they only have spray on 😦


Family- I’m glad you had fun in Palm Springs!! I miss you guys so much! Thank you for emailing me always and being so supportive! I have the best family! I am SO blessed.

OH! we have training in Paulista this week on Tues and Thurs, so thatll be fun! Ill let you guys know how it goes. Its by zone, so I will see who is in my zone! It’ll be cool; its fun to do different things sometimes!

I just want to say that God really loves all of you, in a very personal way. The worth of souls is SO GREAT in the sight of God. He remembers you, he cries when you cry, he is happy when youre happy! We literally have a heavenly father! And his plan for us is perfect, and is centered on his son, Jesus Christ. I feel closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ than ever beofre in my life, and its a super happy feeling! They are real! They live!

Have a good week! Be safe and happy and smart!! Kennedy and Carson: make good choices!!! Prepare now for your missions 🙂 LOVE YOU!!!!
Sister Hoffman


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