Week 9: whahoo!! Conference!!

Conference Sunday!
Conference Sunday!

Always a pretty sunset
Always a pretty sunset
Our roommate lives to braid hair!
Our roommate loves to braid hair!


Investigator Mira wanted a picture so we won't forget her
Investigator Mira wanted a picture so we won’t forget her
Sweet little girl in our Ward
Sweet little girl in our Ward
More braids!!
More braids!!

Hi everyone! My faithful fans, jk hahah but seriously if you actually read my letters, thats super cool because they’re not that exciting!

First of all, shoutout to my homegirl Christie  who had a bday this week!! I hope it was great! I love you!!

So I dont have a ton to say today, but the weeks are starting to go SO fast! I dont know whats happening, but I’m not complaining about it!

Also, idk if my food standards have changed or what, but the food is actually really good to me now! Super unhealthy, but the juice is soooo good and the ice cream is so good haha dont worry I limit myself!

It has been so hot! Mom & Dad, if you come to pick me up at the end of this, be prepared to sweat SOO much. I am worried for you guys hahah Idk if you understand how HOT it is here! It is so insane!

We watched conf in the chapel with the members and had AIR CONDITIONING!! and it was MISERABLE. hahah I was so cold the whole time, like shaking and got a horrible headache! I am totally accustomed to the heat! It was so weird, I wanted to go outside and sweat after hah. Did you guys all watch conference?! I hope so! It was super great! Didnt understand everything obviously, but I understood some! Loved Elder Holland’s talk, he always kills it. And Pres Monson is the most precious thing ive ever seen, after Carson and Brandon lol. BUT eu sei que Thomas S Monson e um propheta de Deus! He really recieves revelation for us, and the apostles do as well! So its super important that we follow their counsel! I love them. It is so amazing that our church has the priesthood keys and authority- the only church on earth that has this! I am so grateful. The priesthood is such a blessing, I have already seen it so much on my mission (btw I hit 1 month in the field this week, woo!). Im so grateful for my amazing Dad who is a worthy priesthood holder and just overall the best! I love you Dad!

We found some awesome new people to teach this week, Eliana and her mom, Maria. They live in the nicest house Ive seen here! Its so great when we teach them because their house is clean and I can feel the spirit so much better! They are awesome though! We taught the restoration and theyve been praying to receive answers. They really WANT to receive answers and they are totally progressing! So happy. Also, another investigator…. Her 11 yr old daughter died 2 weeks ago from cancer, so she is going through such a rough patch, but she is so strong. We just let her talk to us for a really long time and we listen to her as she cries. It seriously breaks my heart. It’s so interesting tho, bc the little girl was baptized when she was younger but was less active when she died. Seralca just yelled out the window for us one day! I love when people WANT to talk to us hahah.

My testimony is stronger everyday! This is such a great opportunity, even when its hard. This gospel is so important to me, it is literally all I am here in Brasil- it is my purpose in everything I do! I feel so honored that HF trusts me to share it with these precious souls here. The people are so special here! They have so little but give so much; they are so loving to everyone. I hope I can be more like them! They are so accepting and kind. I love them!

Mom, Im getting a dress made by that lady! We bought fabric last week- I chose a crazy colorful brazlilian print (the other girls made me hahah) and I’m excited! Also I know of that artist guy you were talking about, I might have him make me something too. Not sure yet!

We have divisions this week, on fri we will go to Recife and get new comps for 24 hours to practice teaching different ways and stuff I think! Itll be fun, I hope!

OH we got a ward mission leader! Leandro! Hes like 24, hes super cool. Im really excited about that!

Anyway, I hope you are all super happy! If you were all here, you would really realize how blessed you all are! I’m sure you guys do, but wow it is so humbling and makes me so grateful. You have all been given so much, try to give to others! When we serve other people, we are serving God. And we owe everything to Him! I love HF and Jesus Christ so much! I am so inadequate to represent Christ but I am trying my best and learning new things everyday!

I pray for you guys so much, I hope you can feel it.

Love you all! xo Sis Sher

Acai bowl!
Acai bowl!

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