Week 8: the best, craziest, worst, happiest, saddest week!

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Olá gente! So many emotions this week!

Well 1st of all, you guys will never know how much your kinds words of encouragement mean to me. After last pday, I read all my emails from you over and over again bc I take pics of them with my camera and I felt so empowered and suported and happy! So I had an epiphany that happiness is totally a choice , and I am in control of how I choose to feel! So I tried really hard to be happier this week and it was great! I want to apologize for being kinda down and negative the past 2 weeks! It was a super hard adjustment, but by now I am accustomed to basically everything! Right now, the only really really hard thing is the language. But I felt myself understanding A LOT more this week, it was a miracle! The result of a lot of prayer and studying! No one believes me when I tell them I’ve only been in the field for 3 weeks! hah It makes me feel better. People tell me I speak great and it helps my confidence!

Everyrone hear calls me “Galega” think it means blonde, someone google it and tell me haha.

So the training in Recife on Wed was so great! Prob one of my fav days here so far. I love Pres and Sis Bigelow so much! I find so much comfort from talking to them, esp in English hahaa. We learned a lot and it was good! But I think the best part about it was seeing how hectic and INSANE Recife is in the city! It made me so grateful to be in Goiana, and made me really feel like HF knows me and knows this would be a good first area for me. I really love Goiana! The people here are so receptive and loving. I havent met one mean person! Everyone is so nice to me. But anyway, it was funny to see the craziness and put things into perspective. Goiana is more layed back and matches my personality way better. Pretty sure I’ll stay for at least another transfer! Its so gross, we go into houses dripping sweat, yet the women still hug me and kiss my face and I’m like sorry! Im so sweaty! and they are like “No big deal! Sister Costa and I always tak about how gross it is haha. Oh well!

OK so about Pedro. LOUCO. He was suppoesed to be baptized friday at 7, be at the chapel at 630. so we spent prob 3 hours cleaning the font (it was disgusting) and the chapel (the members here dont clean it or take care of it, its sad) Then, at around 6 we realized we forgot to tell him to bring a towel! So we practically run to his house which is far away in Novo Goiana. We get there and look inside and he is watching a practicaly pornographic music video with his mom:( We called his name and he came out. I think he was embarrassed we saw him watcihng it, bc the night beofre Sis Costa was saying members shouldnt watch that (its a music really popular in brasil) He misunderstood and said Sis Costa made him feel bad and that he should have shame, and he was super angry and kinda being mean to Sister Costa which made me so mad bc she started crying. I felt so bad but didnt know what to do. We did everything we could to explain that he misunderstood and that he should come get baptized (we also spent all day trying to find 3 priesthood holders for the baptism- almost impossible and they were all waiting at the church which wsa a bummer) but Pedro wouldnt come. But said he still wants us to teach him and stuff. It was sad but I knew I needed to be strong for my comp bc she was a wreck! She was saying she didnt want to be a missionary anymore and she wanted to go home. I practically dragged her back to Goiana and we met up with the other sisters. THEY wanted to talk to him, so the 4 of us went all the way back and tried to convince him more but he wouldnt do it; it was a bummer! But I decided not to be bummed about it! People have their agency and we did all we could!!

So now for a funny story! We were walking home one night and this little boy yelled Missionarias! Missionarias! So we walk back and there was his family and they said “we see u walk by here everyday and want to know what you’re about” So we talk to them and they were all super religious (everyone here is) and we marked to return and teach them. Then one of the ladies stands up and says “When I look into your eyes I see something different in you two. There is a light. I want you to know you should never be afriad to open your mouths and share the word of God.” It was so cool! Then she got a little weird and said “Do you believe in personal revelation?” and we said yes! Then she turns to me and says “the other day when I saw u walking by, the word NOIVA popped into my mind. I think it was from God” Noiva in Portuguese means like a girl promised to be married!! I was like what? What do you mean by that? And she just looked at me and was like “You have someone to marry” hahah we laughed, it was super bizarre!!

Easter was good! I always feel so good at the church surrounded by members. We ate lots of chocolate and our lunch was so good! The lunches have been better this week , its a miracle!

How was your Easter? When is Palm Springs?

Mom, we didnt get to watch womens conf. bummer! An GC will be in Portuguese, so I’m kind of bummed bc I prob wont understand much! haha

OK, so on Thursday at our district meting I got 10 CARDS!!! From you guys! Thank you so much! I love you guys. 4 from Bran, 3 from Mom, 1 from CHan,. and 2 from Bomma and Poppa! Thank you so much! I’ve been reading them over and over again!!! I am so lucky. I think everyone was jealous I got so many. Also got a wonderful package from my fam for Easter!! The reeses and cadbury eggs were gone so fast, thank you!! It tasted like home haha.

We taught Sunday school on Sun, wasn’t too bad bc there were only 3 ppl there! hahaha.

BTW the meaning of interior here means poor or underdeveloped. Not inland!. So thats what she meant when she said I’m on the interior! Im actualy super coastal! It’s nice and windy.

Anyway, im trucking along out here in Brasil! I hit my 2 month mark yesterday hahah so ill see all you lovely ppl in 16!
Mom and dad- are u still planning on picking me up? let me know!

Love you all! Thanks for the support and prayers!!

Mom, could u send me new tevas? They are perfect and these ones are already pretty worn out. I will continue to wear them but it would be nice to have a back up!

Sister Hoffman


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