Week 7: or Week 2 in Goiana

Oi gente!
This week was a little better, thank the heavens! I still have moments where I think, What the heck did l get myself into? But its all good, and I just have to remind myself that I will be home someday haha.

First off, the beginning of last week it POURED!!! tues, wed, and thurs. Like soaking wet everything, I honestly prefer the hot bc when it rains there are no people out to talk to and we just aimlessly walk around soaking wet! I wore my croc things mom and got the worst blisters of all time! So that was a bummer but its better now. Thank goodness for my tevas (dont judge me people)
Did I mention I live on top of a cemetery? It’s so strange. I sent a pic of it last week but dont know if I told you!

We get to go to Recife on Wed for new missionary training! Im excited bc itll be something different which is always good!! Ill let you guys know how it is.

Church on Sunday! It was really good! First time in the ward since last week was stake conf. I had to speak in sacrament in Portuguese and bear my testimony hahah It wasnt too bad though because all I do all day is pray and bear my testimony in Portuguese so its the best thing I can do in Portuguese! Everyone after told me my Portuguese was good which gave me some much needed confidence back. After every lesson I just leave feeling so discouraged bc I have no idea what is happening during it hahah My poor companion really has to do a lot of talking! But the people here never stay on topic, and when they talk about things not gospel related, im a goner. Also! two of our investigators came to church which was awesome! Arthur (the boy learning english) and Djair. But Pedro didn’t come which was bad considering his baptism is on Satuday! Everyone pray that everything works out with his baptism! Im super excited.

When is Easter? Is it Sunday? If so, Happy Easter!! I wish I could be with u guys so bad!! When is mother’s day? im excited to skype! I only get 40 mins!!! Can someone make me a skype account and have it all set up for me?! That would be great!! Cant wait!!

So I have a lot of freckles on my face rn from the sun and all the other sisters I live with have been super concerned bc they don’t know what freckles are because theyre so dark! hahah and I try to explain to them that I get them every summer and its normal but they just say “Sister we are really worried” ..Im like gosh, does it look that bad?! I have a bunch over my upper lip and it proabaly looks like a mustache so thats fun lol, I promise I dont have a mustache though!

So I got sick for the first time this week! just from the food though..We ate with a member and the food was SO strong and yikes!! we left and I thought I was gonna throw up ! So my companion had me go home and rest for an hour then I felt better; So thankful I dont have Chicunginha yet!
Thanks for sending hooks for my mosquito net mom, bc they dont have any here! We checked 4 diff stores!!

When is spring break?

How is Carson? What is his mile time these days? I miss him. Please send more pics of yourself for me. All of you!!

Sister Costa and I at our church building
Sister Costa and I at our church building    image image image image image image image imagemiss him! Please send more pics of yourself each week for me!!! All of you!

BTW about the ward- there are only about 40 members, and the bishop doesnt even have counselors bc there arent many worthy priesthood holders. It’s sad. And the bishop blesses the sacrament too! It’s like a one man show! And church is reversed, so relief society first, then sunday school, then sacrament! I kinda like it.

Something that gets me through the days here is the fruit! I always try to buy a lot on Pday. Pineapple and mangoes and apples! They are so good here!! Yummmmm

We found a huge scorpion in our house the other night so that freaked me out. Sister Costa killed it; and we have cockroaches! woohoo Brandon I can relate to you ahah they are all in the shower!

OK so another crazy story about pedros mom- we went yesterday after church to talk to him and ask why he wasnt at chruch, but he wasnt there; just his mom! And at first we tried to talk to her and she just stared at us from inside and ignored us. Then she comes to the door and throws our pamphlet we gave Pedro on the ground lol and says its black magic…then she goes and sits down and starts smoking a pipe and talking to herself, then all of a sudden she stands up and FLASHES sister costa!! She lifted up her dress and wasnt wearing underwear..glad I wasnt looking at the moment. Disturbing hahah !!!

A lot of ppl here cant read which is so sad- including Pedro. It’s hard bc he needs to read the BOM…were trying to get a tape for him to listen to it.

I sent more letters this week so I hope you get them!!

Anyway, I love you all!! Hope you have a good week!! How are my friends in Provo?! Is it still snowing?!!! I love you guys and I miss you!!! Shan Syd and Amber and Ali!!

Love you family!!!! XOXO


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