Goodbye São Paulo, hello Recife

AHHHH I cant believe Im gonna be a real missionary in like 4 days. I am so excited but also know its probably gonna be the hardest month of my life. Its gonna be so hard to speak with the locals, I
already know it! And they have a weird accent in Recife so thats insane!
mom plz send me reeses when you can and just normal peanut butter. doesnt exist here!!

you never told me if carson is using my phone or not and if you saved my number? also is anyone using my laptop? i can give the password if you need it.

Did anyone get my letters yet? Let me know!!

Okay so im gonna type like a mad man rn!

I gave a talk in church on sunday, in Portuguese, so that was scary but I think I actually didnt do too bad! they dont tell you before hand if youre speaking, they just announce it right before, so every sunday I have a panic attack haha jk, but kinda. There were 3 new American girls who got here and were having a super hard time and crying all day so i tried to talk to them and comfort them, but they were super rude to me. I was kinda upset about it, but then after my talk they all came up to me and one of them was crying again and she just said how my talk was exactly what she needed to hear and it made her feel so much better! And then i just held her for a while as she cried casually in the chapel hahah sad!! And another one said “Wow I hope my Portuguese is as good as yours by the time im leaving!!!” She was prob lying but it may or may not have made my week! So yeah they turned out to be super sweet.

Dad- the devotionals are great! Sorry i havent talked about them, no time. Every Sun and Tuesday! Usually someone from the 70 or a mission pres from Brazil, we wear headphones

São Paulo temple
São Paulo temple

image image image image image image image image image image image and listen in english, but sometimes i try to listen in port! They are so cool though.

Its been raining a lot but luckily not raining today because its pday and were going out after this! Gonna try acai bowls this week!

Love this quote !”A great indicator of ones personal conversion is the desire to share the gospel with others” – Howard W Hunter

Tell your freinds about the gospel! Being on a mission makes you realize even more how IMPORTANT this is. This is no drill!! Everyone needs to know this message! Shout it from the rooftops!

This week at the MTC they started spanish teaching, so theres an elder going to Brnadons mission, he is a ginger brazilian named Elder Brasil. he will be there in 6 weeks. watch out for him Brandon! i gave him a paper with your name brandon so you can meet him!!! maybe:)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALI ON THE 8th! I love you! Still cant believe youre enagegd. we are so old!

There is the 1st elder ever from haiti to serve in Brazil here, he is so cooL! So dark lol hes so nice! We sit with him at lunch someitmes.

Ive been sick with a cold, but i dont really think about it until i cough and it sounds really gross ; none of us ever feel 100 percent here, we just ignore it haha its great!

I can kinda understand spanish which is so werid!!! I heard it the other day on a recording and i was like whoah this is so similar to port. so thats cool!!

They have moths here that are all black and a foot wide!! My roommates and comp are super scared of bugs so im always the one that has to shove it out of our room! i think i have gotten a lot less dramatic…you’ll all be happy to know haha

I got my 1st bugbite ever, it itches. Besides that one on my elbow last week; its on my ankle and ive really never gotten bug bites and it is just weird!

We have this computer program were supposed to do all the time called TALL but its super janky!!! and so none of us like it, so we all sometimes go on google earth and look at our houses lol it makes me miss home. I will never take America for granted again, it is such a beautiful place hahah ..currently sweating so much as i write this!!!

Last but not least, I had the BEST expereicne ever in our last lesson with Darley this week. Sister Miller and I love Irmao Diegeo (AKA darley) so much and he is the only member in his family and he is so precious (senidng pics today. the two braz guys are my teachers) and we just wish we could help him in real life because he opens up to us (were his fave students for sure lol) and so we wanted our last lesson to be something that could apply to his real life too. so we both prayed to know what to teach about and we both felt hope. So we went in there and had to tell him that we were getting transferred and that this would be our last lesson with him, and his eyes legit started watering and i was like what the heck this is fake, why is he so sad?! Then we got into the lesson, and i literally ditched my lesson plan and it all of a sudden felt so real! I could feel that i was about to start crying . And i just told him how much God loves him and that God has a plan for his life and that he is such a good example to his siblings and parents; he totally started crying, then i started crying and looked over and Sis miller started crying. It was insane! The spirit was stronger than ever! It felt literally real!!! I could feel the love that Heavenly Father had for him and I wanted to hug him and tell him that everything in his life is gonna be okay but obvi cant do that, but we were all 3 just sitting there crying haha. And then he told us how much weve helped him, even in our small lessons, he could always tell that we genuinely care about him and love him! It was so special! Then we left and sis Miller and i kneeled down and said a pray of gratitude that HF let us have that experience right before we head into the field.; It was a good taste of the joy of being a missionary! I cant wait to expierence that more! I am so grateful for that opportunity. It was so special to me.

I hope you are all doing great! Do you get my pics every week? Mom, how many do you receive because i sometimes send like 20 or so and you never mention them so im not sure! let me know:)

I will email you guys ASAP once im in recife! It will probably be the following Monday. Pray i have a nice companion who will be patient with me! haha im so scared, but I know that Im not alone and everything is good! Tudo bem!!

Eu sei que esta igraja é verdadeiro com minha todo coração. As much as i miss home, this is where i need to be. HF can do a lot more with my life than i can and im so grateful for the decision i made! It was so hard but its already so worth it! Everyone should go on a mission!!! You can help so many people!!

Okay I have to go but I love you all and I appreciate the support! Tchau!
Sister Hoffman


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