week 4: 1 1/2 weeks left in the MTC

I cant believe this is my second to last pday!! The days feel like years literally and then before i know it, another week is gone! I hit my one month mark this week! So crazy!

Happy 1/2 birthday shoutout to Brandon this week 🙂 haha
And happy birthday to Ray Richmond on March 1st! I hope you have a great day!!

Thanks for more birthday wishes! You are all so thoughtful! Mom and Dad thank you for my presents, I love them so much!

Another S/O to Brandon because I got a letter from you this week! Yay! It is so fun to get mail!!! ❤

My district bought me a customized cookie cake on my bday and my instructor went and picked it up! It was so nice I wanted to cry! My birthday was great! Eveyrone was so nice. My comp and sis G and sis L woke me up singing and they all gave me cards and candy! |The mission pres wife brought me a card and oreos at night and it was the best!! Only one more bday in the mission!!

CONGRATS TO ALI AND TRAVIS FOR GETTING ENGAGED!!! I cried when I saw those pics because I am so happy for you guys! I am so sad I wont be there but I am so happy for you guys! I love you!

People in my district started talking about MAKO the other day and I was like whoah ! Thats my bro in laws company! And they were all like what no way!! I wish I had stickers to give them! They all love Mako

This week i was showering and had conditioner in my hair and was shaving my legs and all of a sudden my water started smelling like legit rotten fish. I cupped it in my hands and smelt it and I almost threw up. But there was nothing I could do about it so I waited like 3 mins then it went back to normal! hahahah so nasty. btw I hope u dont think im complaining when I tell these stories, I am totally happy here I just think they are funny! I really dont have much to complain about, just bizarre things that happen…

For example, this week we were teaching our invesgtigaro Darley and a fly (they are EVERYWHERE) was attacking my face so I was trying to swat it, and it legit went up my nose.  I didnt wanna ruin the spirit or make a big scene so I just sat there for 20 mins with a fly in my nose. Then I was lIke OK maybe im paranoid, and there isnt really a fly up my nose. I blew my nose after and sure enough there was a fly on the tissue. Lol youre welcome for all the details!

The food here is getting worse hahah it is seriously pretty bad, whoever said Brazilian food is good was seriously disturbed. lol legally blonde joke. Anyway, its not that bad but its not good either! Everyone is telling me that the food in Recife is spicy! So im in trouble with that haha!

I can talk so much port!!! I can almost understand everthing anyone says and in lessons, even if i dont know how to say something, I just go for it and they are able to understand me. The gift of tongues is so reall! there is no other way id be able to speak port by now. I obviously have a long way to go but when I realize ive only been here 4 weeks, it is insane how real the gift of tongues is! Especally in lessons!!! I leave and I think, I have no idea what I just said in there but they nodded and understood so its all good! When I tell people ive only been here 4 weeks they are super impressed! not to brag..im not even good but better than I thought id be!

Okay I dont have a whole lot more to say! Being a missionary is the coolest thing, I cant really describe it.

Congrats to Brooke Rohner on her call!! That is so cool!! When does she leave?

We went to the temple this morning and I was praying to feel the spirit super strong and image image image image image image image image image

once I went into the celestial room, it overcame me and my eyes started watering! It was a super cool experience. Heavenly Father gives us what we ask for! I know he does. He is so mindful of every single person! And this mom came up to me in the temple today and just hugged and kissed me randomly and told me I was pretty and idk why she did it to me and no one else but it was such a tender mercy because it felt like a hug from my mom!

I hope you all have a great week! Im starting Jesus the Christ if anyone wants to read with me, mom or dad? Its super good! I finished our search for happiness. I read before bed!

Tell me when you guys get my letters!

Love you all! XO
Sister Hoffman


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