Zika!! Week 3 from Sister Hoffman

Hi everyone!!

How are you?! Thank you once again for all the emails and I am so sorry, once again, that I have no time to give good responses 😦 I will start writing you all letters this week!! Shoutout to my fam and Bomma & Poppa for sending me Valentines Day Cards!!! And Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes 🙂 I feel so loved!! Sorry if I couldnt reply!!! But I appreciate it so much!

Ok what is the time differnece? I thought CA was 5 hours behind but some people are saynig 6 and its been bugging me. Plz let me know mom!

All of our fake investigators are getting baptized!! Lessons are so much easier than they were the first week, i can totally teach and testify in Portuguese! It might be broken port but they get the gist of it hahah! So thats fun.

Mom, did you wipe out my cellphone for carson? were u able to preserve my phone #? just wondering about that. no biggie if not

Fun fact: 1/2 of all converts today were taught by sister missionaries!!!

Okay so we got to go proselyting on wed!! It was so fun. We took the public bus to this place in Sao Paulo and each had to give out 5 BOMS, so 10 per comp. And we were all soooo nervous, i was mostly nervous for the public bus TBH lol but that was fine. Just all our sweaty bodies rubbing against each other, packed like sardines. No biggie hahah

I hope you guys got some of my pics! just FYI selfies are so shameless on a mission, i know its super unlike me so dont judge me! thx

Okay so Sis Miller and I were teaching this pregnant lady this week and there was a mosquito in the room trying to attack and the lady was like “yeah mosquitos are super scary rn becuase of the zika virus, it will mess up your baby!” And were like yeah crazy. Then finally she slaps it and kills it, and looks at it and just says “Zika!!” And i guess when it has striped legs it is zika. So it was zika, then she almost started crying because it was smeared all over her hands so we said “go to the bathroom and wash your hands!!” And while she was gone, we noticed that it had bitten us hahah. ALL over Sis Millers arm and just one on my elbow! So thats fun. But we arent feeling sick or anything so im not sure how it works? But lots of the mosquitos here are zika apparently. Yikes!

We got new roomies this week! 2 brazilians. They are so beautiful and nice

We have devotionals every sunday and tuesday, and every single missionary sings in the choir and everytime we sing I get chills on my whole body and want to cry because the spirit is so strong. I feel honored to be in the midst of such awesome people! the brazilians are so nice, all the latins are. Way nicer than the americans in my opinoin! But this week we sang Well bring the world his truth (in port obvi) and I hadnt felt the spirit that strong in a while. it was insane!

This morning we went to the Campinas temple!! So pretty! Thats the only time we will go there, São Paulo for the next 2 weeks. I cant believe i basically have like 2 1/2 weeks left!! I am gonna die hahah i dont feel ready at all but ill never be ready so i just need to go!!! ahh!!!!

Again thanks for the bday wishes :))) I love you all! Sorry i say that so much but when youre away from people you really realize how much you love them and how blessed you are!

Talk to you next week!!

Sis Hoffman


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