Week 2: Oi Oi!

Oi oi!!!
OK this is gonna be shorter than last week, pretty sure I wrote a novel. I have had this sad guilty feeling all week about not being able to write you all back! I have literally cried and felt so bad, but i hope you guys understand! I love you all so much though and appreciate you thinking about me! I am so blessed!!! Being here has made me realize how extremely blessed we all are!!! I say like a million prayers of gratitude every day.

Mom- i got a letter from you! thanks so much. You are the best mom in history!! My love for you makes my heart explode. Im sending out a bunch of letters today so watch out for them people!!
Also mom, i used the cc in Atlanta for dinner on purpose so ud know i was there! no payphones there 😦 I wanted to call!!! sorry!

There was the GNARLIEST rain storm on Monday, the streets outside looked like a river, and our room was soaked becaause we left our window open but it was fun!! Cars were still speeding through the river of course; I am sincerely worried for all the drivers here. God bless!

Anyway, so the power went out from that storm so we didnt have power for like a day and now we’re going off the generator i think? So randomly thoruhgout the day all the power will go off! it stinks when that happens becuase the AC in our classroom turns off and we all slowly start melting lol.
I love my district! the days would be horrible without them, the elders are so funny. They all still play with legos and are obsessed with Star Wars – enough said:)

Read Mosiah 4:19 and “Your first convert” by Holland! So amazing. Tears

My stomach is better! Probs just getting used to the really unsanitary food they feed us lol jk its not that bad but I dream of in n out at night haha—

Ive gotten into the habit of WANTING to read my scriptures everyday which is so amazing and something I hope sticks for the rest of my life! It is like the only enlglish time of the day, so thats really relaxing and i can be alone with my thoughts.
Improving each day with Port! I know itll come!!! Its all good. Not too worried about it!

Everyone has been telling me that there’s  a crazy amount of baptisms in recife so thatll be fun! But also a lot of hard work!!! woo!

Our roommates left and our fav brazilian friends too, so thats SAD AND our trio is split up and now im just with Sis Miller but i love her so its all good! 🙂

My teacher Irma Fuoco broke her foot so now we have this PRECIOUS guy named Irma Diego, pretty sure he weighs 90 pounds. Anyway, he is so precious, it makes me wanna cry when i look at him lol if u know me well you will understand how i think everyone is precious.

OKay so kinda a scary story but not really dont worry parents!!

Last pday after we emailed (we were already all depressed because of emailing time)   me and my 2 comps decided we would go back out into the city without the elders to send our letters!! So we are on our way to the post office just the 3 of us and it was like 4:30 and we walk by this guy who is sitting on the curb and as we are walking he was just staring so hard and I had a horrible feeling … then we passed him and he stood up and just started SCREAMING such vulgar things! And “OMGsh!!! You are so ———beautiful! OMGsh!! just like so sketchy so we all started runinng up this hill, kinda laughing but like sketched out. And its not even like thats that big of a deal, but i think it was just a little taste of what we’re all in for in the next 18 months. So that was a harsh realization . Especaiily me because i look so different from everyone here:/Everyone stares at me so hard whenever we leave the CTM!!!! My comps could both pass as latin but not this white girl! Then when we got to the póst office, everyone was whispering and pointing at us and we all decided we had super bad feelings and then it started to rain so we ran home!! Got home in like 5 mins hahah we were so scared and then on the way back we went on the other side of the streeet away from the guy and he was yelling! Girlss!!! and whistling and we just kept runinng. Ugh . So we are staying with the elders all day today!!! Hopefully gonna send letters tho!!! Anyway, i guess its not even that scary but his tone of voice was literally screaming. We got back and I started crying hahaha i just coudlnt control it. that’s like the first time ive actually cried here

But my eyes start watering whenever i think of anyone from my family because i love you guys too much!!! So i try not to think about you lol esp mom and dad!! During class or right now my eyes are watering hahah

Anyway, KENNEDY You are a supermodel!! I love you so much! Hope wf was so fun!!!! Hunter better know how lucky he is
Carson I love you!!! I heard youre doing great in basketball!!!
Chandler and Dylan i love you!!!!
Dad I love you so much!!!!! I think about you so much and tell eveyrone how cool my dad is and I show EVERYONE pics of you all!!!

And I LOVE YOU ALL to everyone who emails me or prays for me! Thank you so much. I pray for all of you like 10 times a day, so youre covered lol

I am totally good here, i will hit 3 weeks on Wednesday! Crazy, its starting to go faster each week.

I hope i included most details youd wanna know in last weeks email, image image image image image

but if not mom, send me some quesitons for next week that you need answered

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! 🙂 You are all so amazing, and such good examples and support to me! I am the luckiest missionary in the world!

Sister Hoffman



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