Week one: Oi family and friends!

Oi family and friends!!!

I am finally getting to email, so crazy. It feels like its been like 5 years since I talked to you all. I have been missing you all and thinking about you so much!!! Any time I have free time to think about anything other than Portuguese, I think of you all! I love you so so so so so much. Okay first of all, I cant send pics from the MTC, its a rule here. But theres this place across the street where apparently you can send emails so Ill try that later. Sorry! Also, DONT SEND ME LETTERS TO THE MTC STARTING NEXT WEEK. if they dont get here while Im here, they dont send them to me. So send them to my mission home after that, Kennedy can you post an instagram like next week and write my mission address? Thanks 🙂 So this week and a half were so crazy! I feel like so much has happened and I have had a lot of anxiety about emailing because we only get 45 minutes and I had like 40 emails when I logged on! THANK YOU ALL! I love you so much, I doubt I am going to have time to reply to them all but I will try to reply to some! But just know I appreciate it so much. I pray for you all every day more than once and I love you all sooooo much!

My flight to Atlanta wasnt bad, I sat next to a cute old couple from Rome, Italy. I cried when I read all my letters from family and friends but mostly held myself together! Then I got to Atlanta and I was the first missionary there to arrive out of our bunch so I waited a while, then Elder Finch arrived (hes going to Recife too) and then after that we all just started trickling in. There were 3 other sisters flying with me so that was great! And all the people I flew with (minus one girl) turned into my district! There are no other girls going to Recife, but 2 other boys- Elder Finch & Elder Everett. My comps are Sis Miller and Sis Lopez, theyre going to Natal and Joao Pessoa. Were all gonna be super close to each other! They are super nice. We all get along well and havent had any problems. I am blessed to have them! So they are both fluent in Spanish which is cool because Portuguese is coming super easy for them. Its hard to not compare myself to them sometimes because they just know so much more since its so similar to spanish, but im still better than most of the boys in my district so its okay!!
Okay so when we arrived here, the day started right away. We were so exhausted. They let us shower and then we got right to class and everything! And BTW my legs and ankles and feet stayed swollen from the plane for like 4 or 5 days? Maybe more. It was painful and i had to sleep with my feet elevated every night. Which wasnt comfy but its all good. They are normal now!
Everyone here is so nice!!! Like Brazilians are just so amazing and sweet. They all of course talk to me a lot because Im probably the blondest girl here haha both my comps look native. So they always think Im the only one who speaks english. We try to sit with natives at mealtime to learn the language.

My teacher is Irma Fuoco, she served in Recife!! She is so nice and sweet, shes  25. not married. So she teaches us for like 3 hrs at least everyday.

Here is a typical day layout:
Wake up at 6 (my comps arent ready in time if we dont wake up at 6 instead of 630)
personal study 7-8
breakfast 8-830
comp study and lang. study until like 11:30
irma fuoco class
then it depends on the day. Tues/thurs we have devotionals (we get to wear headphones with english) or sometimes we do service (me and my comps always have to go to this sweatshop dungeon that smells like bad chemicals and gasoline and fold sheets and stuff)
and starting this week we started getting physical activity time in the evening, which is awesome because we dont have to wake up early to exercise anymore like we did the first week. For that, we play volleyball with the brazilian elders and our boys play bball. Were not allowed to play bbal with them though so we just play with the brazilians. Its super fun though! And Im not that bad at volleyball so they all tell me how good i am lol its great.

So I basically am a rebel here because theyre always complainng about my clothes. ANd my  neon orange pinkish nailpolish!! They got so funny at that for like the first whole week. every adult would tell me to take it off and id be like ok i will if you give me nail polish remover! but none of them had any. Also, we were playing vball for physical activity and i was wearing my gray sweats jogger things and they called me over and said that when i jumped up to hit the ball, the pants are too tight on my bum and boys are looking. It was weird the way she said it.. so my comps and i couldnt play anymore and that was a bummer. Sorry I was born with a huge bum people! So i tried wearing my mitchs sweats the next day and beforehand I just used all my might to stretch those babies out and make them look baggy on my bum and it worked hahah so at least I have those for now!

My roommates are 2 brazilians, 1 chilean who is 29. I love them!! They are so nice and kiss me and hug me all the time and are just like the cutest people ever. Im obsessed with them. They leave tuesday so we will get new ones!

My comp S Miller was born in Chile, btw.; Kinda cool!

Every time i tiell someone im going to Recife they just tell me how hot it is, its like the hottest place apparently. So thats fun! lol but they also say the nicest people ever live there. So thats good. Also appárently they speak more uneducated there since its all poor so its kinda like slang talk but in portuguese. haha. and my teacher said they spéak super fast in Recife!! So my portuguese is gonna need to improve immensly. I get so stressed about the language but I am trying my best and I know the Lord will help me. I just tell myself, one day, you will be fluent in portuguese. Not today or next week, but one day haha. And its true! I will. Its coming slowly but surely. its a super cool language, im happy to be learning it!

The MTC pres & wife are new, only been here 2 or 3 weeks. pres Grahl is his name. They are so nice! I love them,

Carnival starts tomorrow and is all weekend!!! apparently its super vulgar and nasty so idk if we have to close our windows or what! But thats exciting hah;. I sleep on the top bunk of a bunk bed facing the wdinow. We have a huge window and leave it open all night but i still wake up sweaty every morning! We have AC in our classroom (its so nice and gets freezing) but the hottest time of day for me is at night when im trying to go to bed. No AC just a big fan that doesnt even reach my top bunk at the other end of the room. and heat RISES people so its like hotter than hades up there in my bed. Thats the last time I try to be nice and tell my comps they can have the bottom bunk lol;

We had a practice investigator, Idario, that we were teaching this week and that was stressful.Teaching in port. when you dont know port. is not very fun. Just stressful! hahah but its okay we survived and committed him to baptism but hes moving so were not teaching him anymore. Now we have a new one named Pamela and she is sassy! Like totally rolls her eyes and yawns while we talk lol its weird. But all just an act so its okay!

I love personal study in the morning, i love the BOM!! I love having time to read my scrips in english and not think about portuguese for a solid hour. Its so nice.

OK so about the showers and then the food !

The showers are my worst nightmare
Picture this: a million black hairs everywhwere and a millino little bugs that fly at you and stick to your wet skin:)))))) fun! Lol but its okay. But we shower in the morning, and as your towel is hanging there, all the little bugs ujust gather on it so then once im clean i have to shake it as hard as i can and they fly in all different directions, including at my face and then i haul myself outta there. Its prob the worst moment of the day everyday. but we have warm water and all the water here is clean! So they say. Ive been sick the past 3 days and idk what its from. Im feeling better now though. just some stomach issues FUN! I think the food is sometimes not sanitary because its left out lall day with bugs and heat and then who knows if the water they cook with is clean.;;
Okay so the food
Eveyr morning for bfast it is paninis; They are good; Homemade bread and you take a piece of turkey and cheese and panini it. they also have hot coco and orange juice ( i dont trust it) and sometimes cereal which is awesome and then fruit and stuff.
Lunch and dinner ALWAYS have rice and beans, white rice brown beans. Sometimes black. And then usually two types of mystery meat, any kind u can think of (fish, chicken, beef etc) sometimes the food is good considering im here then sometimes I just cant do it. Like the so called Lasagna. Yikes its like cottage cheese and weird orange sauce on lasagna noodles. Not lasagna at all!!! The meat is sometimes good! and the rice and beans are always solid so thats a good backup, i mostly just drink tons of water all day but sometimes for one meal ill have Guarana Zero that they have so thats something to look forward to haha.
The pevoke here are so funny and they try to say things that they think will make me laugh ; So some will be like “hello… its me” or “you used to call me on my cellphone” even though they dont even know what it means but they just know its american and will make us laugh haha. All the girls pet my hair.

Chandler thank u for the photo book! it has helped a lot this week. I show everyone pics of my family and they all say how beautiful you are!!!! You really are. Best looking fam ever. Just best fam overall!

OKAY so the drivers here are SOOOO SKECTHY. it is complete chaos on the rodes, gives me major anxiety. worse than driving with Chandler on the freeway lol. Yesterday we had to go to the police station for something and our van got hit on the way there hahaha it was scary. This guy like skid against us then all these metal benches that were in his trunk fell on our van. But we were obvi all fine. but literally such bad drivers;

Today we went to the Sao Paulo temple!! it was so fun but i was falling asleep the whole itme hahahah BTW we go to bed at 10:30^ forgot to say that above. Anyway, the temple is pretty and i took pics but who knows when ill get to send them! Trying not to get bummed about the pic thing but i kinda am TBH.

Everything is so much worse than America but its fgreat in its own way! But i appreciate America So much more than I did. It is truly the best country. But Brazil is the 2nd best ;). Everything here is dirty and graffiteed on and just sad. We drove by this family living in tents today and the kids looked so malnourished and sad, i wanted to cry, i couldnt look. Be grateful for what you have! America is so nice. Its insane how much we have compared to these people but how nice and giving they still all are! Elders always try to give me things like cookies and stuff and Im like NO NO theyre yours! Keep them! And they just say “Its nothing Sister :)” they just love giving ppopele stuff.
The elders always walk by us and say “Oi Seeeesters!” wqith their funny accents. I love it!

The girls here are all super nice too but seem to keep to themselves more! idk!

Everyone plz keep me updated on your lives, if you get married or engaged or pregnant or whatever! seriously, i worry so much during the week that all your lives are changing so much and Im so far away from you! BUT I love being a missionary. I can already see how its changed me and I am able to completely forget about myself here. Everything is all good 🙂 The spirit here is so strong and I feel great! Even when ive been sick the past 3 days or whatever happens, i dont even think about it much because I have something so much more importatnt to focus on. During lang. study i just think of my future investigators who NEED me to learn this language so I can teach them. Im doing it for them! And for my Savior. I am trying to see everyone the way HF sees them and its amazing. I have no bad thoughts about anyone here! Even the super annopying immature weird boys in my district lol. But yeah Anti shoutout to everyone who told me the MTC was horrible because you scared me for no reason hah! Its really kinda fun! I feel blessed to be here in this beautiful country! Our room has such a pretty view, i wish i could send pics. Someday!

I cant think about the fact that ill be gone for 18 months or else i might barf so i just take it day by day 🙂

D&C 100: 5-8
D&C 6^14
Moroni 7^: 48
those scrips helped me this week maybe theyll help u!! OK i need to reply to ppl so thats all for now!!
I love you all!! I hope i answered most questions!!!

Sister Hoffman


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